You've Gotta Start From The Start

"I swear I was only there to get issue #67 of "Swamp Thing", but this was a little too hard to pass up!"

This is exactly what I told my wife as she perplexedly stared at the short box I was carrying up the stairs. I had headed out of town a few hours prior with the plan being to stop at the comic book shop a few towns over and get the one issue of Rick Veitch's "Swamp Thing" run that I was missing. That was it, one comic.

What happened, I guess, is one of those right place, right time sort of things. See, I was quick to find the issue I went looking for, which gave me some extra time to poke around in the shop, and as a shop that I don't frequent as often as several others, I hadn't already drained it of most of the back issues on my want list.

As I made my way to the counter with my small pile of books (mostly odd Cave Carson appearances from the 90's and early 2000's), I noticed a sign above several short boxes proclaiming, "All…